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Snow Goose Hunting: What You Must Know

Field duck hunting can supply a number of the greatest and quickest actions of the season if done right. Follow these tips that are easy to really have successful spring snow goose hunting.

1. Scout the field. See where the ducks are landing the next morning, and set up there. You may set up here and make your decoys more observable but if there’s a powerful cold wind set up as well as the foot of the rise that’ll provide some shelter for the ducks in the wind if you have a rise to the field.

2. Notice in the event the ducks are they or are landing using the field. When they’re landing with geese combine your duck decoys in together and set outside some goose decoys. When they’re there, they only use duck decoys. At different times ducks and geese will mingle but at other times they’re going to prevent them.

3. Make use of a spinning wing decoy including a mojo. Whirling wing decoys work wonders in the fields. If possible use three or two and put them where you would like to get the ducks to land. Nine times out of ten the ducks will set up for those who have set it up right for landing right behind the spinning wing decoy offering a simple opportunity.

4. Use layout blinds and set them either right in the decoys where it is possible to make use of the decoys to conceal them or away to one side of the decoys. Do not put the blinds in front of the decoys unless you’ve considerable cover (corn field) to conceal your blinds. The ducks will undoubtedly be considering the decoys and not you’re blind by putting the blinds away to the side. In the event that you do not have a layout blind cover up with burlap and excavate a shallow depression.