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ATV Helmets, A Product Review

I understand riding around revealing of your new colors make you seem really, really cool – stop it! Wear a helmet!

Alright, I am off my soapbox now, and we’d be provided down to business.

When picking a helmet there are a range of things to think about; in this informative article we’ll cover the basics to get you going.

First, search for a helmet that’s meant for being “off-road” (out of time-to-time labeled as “motocross”) – a frequent motorcycle helmet will offer security, but it will not provide some of the genuinely great characteristics of a helmet created particularly for an ATV.

Secondly, make sure the helmet is comfortable – that I understand the very first thing you think about with ATV HELMETS is security; however, comfort is right up there. Check these things when comparing comfort amounts: make a stage there is enough cushioning, look for a good seal around the ear (not touching the ear), so make sure there is a neck roll which cradles the back of the neck, and also make sure there are no straps or fasteners protruding at a helmet.

Next, and this is a large one, be sure that the helmet is DOT or Snell certified. Straightforward, if the helmet is not certified – do not bother.

Additionally, you might be stuck in the shop and you’ve got two security helmets, and you just cannot select… Go with the one which has the maximum EPS. EPS is the tough form-type lining within the helmet which really absorbs the crash effect. Manufacturers can only put at the minimum, but some go above and beyond, so bear this in mind.

Ultimately, giving you a face protector (and why would not you?) Make sure it matches the VESC-8 or ANSI Z-87 criteria, and ensure the face protector does not distort your perspective or flop about as soon as you’ve opened it.