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Are Your Children Need Their Own Minecraft Server?

Within the house, Minecraft is the hottest video game with my boys that are ages 12 and 10. Sure, they like Disney various programs on the iPad, but Minecraft leads the pack and Infinity on the xBox 360. Dinner conversations often focus on “Minecraft this” and “Minecraft that.” I am constantly striving to change the subject to something different. Although I confess that I Have never played Minecraft, I’m well versed on what a “Creeper” is and what “spawning” means. I helped construct a Creeper head. The game looks fairly innocuous if not graphically subordinate; did not we do back bitmaps? Occasionally I feel like I am looking to survive my child’s Minecraft addiction.

When my lads asked to buy Minecraft on the PC many years back, it all looked so innocent. We downloaded, after which, and I paid the work started.

Sure, installing several of those mods needed every little computer programming abilities I’ve. I used to be frustrated. Afterward came the Minecraft Launcher along with all the lads becoming a bit old, and today they are more self sufficient installing upgrades and mods. I really like that Launcher!

Over Christmas I got the latest request. I had been reading my novel half paying attention to the soccer game which was on when they hit on me. “Mother, can we have our own Pixelmon Servers?” Huh? They’d asked me this before, and we even attempted to configure our personal server–another hair yanking on computer ability fiasco that was intensive. I’d attempted to describe that their computers likely were not strong enough to support a server with multiple users playing the game and that servers were lots of work. I believed we’d put the whole server problem to bed. Seemingly not!

Introduce GForce Servers. The lads described which you is now able to buy a server running on the computer of someone else’s but still handle it yourself. One of their Minecraft friends already had one configured and running, and he was offering to get them started. It seemed too good to be accurate.

Several Minecraft server choices are offered by GForce, and we picked the Iron option at $5 a month which comes with 1GB of memory, a dedicated every one of the choices, and IP any Minecraft enthusiast could need.