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A Complete Beginner's Guide To Miniature

So you finally decided to really go the additional degree on your games and need to plunge into mini painting? Well if you’re like me who has a great deal of board games with sad, unpainted figures and want to give more life into it but don’t know where to start… This guide might help dive into the hobby and who knows? You will possibly find it very relaxing and enjoyable, as I’d recently.

Keep in mind I am not a specialist miniature painting service by any way, since I have just painted a couple of minis and is presently working on completing the statistics for Blood Rage– The main reason that forced me to doing so really (Bless and curse you ever CMON and Eric Lang!). This isn’t a be-all-end-all informative article but instead a complete newbie’s manual that’s only my journey to the hobby where I’d love to share with fellow beginners that are reluctant to take the plunge or do not know where to start… because it can truly be overwhelming!

So out of the way let us do this methodically and proceed to the fundamentals — Obtaining the proper tools of this trade!

Here is what I believe are vital to each painter’s arsenal. You could discover the majority of them in the neighborhood hobby, hardware and favorable local game shops.


What I learned in my regional hobby shop there are 2 ranges of brushes — “Synthetic” and also those which use real hair. The latter can be very pricey so I only went with an artificial brush group produced by Vallejo. The group includes 3 brushes; the biggest one (a no. 002 Brush) can be utilized for base-coating, the little one (No. 001) to get highlighting/layering and also the smallest one (No. 000) to get all those ultra-fine details like the eyes. Additionally, I got a large, cheap horizontal brush to get dry-brushing (More about these techniques in an upcoming post).